What is an attractive banner?

How to get user’s attention in vibrant website full of information? Here are a few insights shared by ad creators and designers which might be useful for your work as well:

  1. Clean and simple. It might sound too simple, but this task is deceivably hard. Sometimes the banner is created to give as much information as possible, with a few offers or pictures, hoping these details would impress the user. Ad creators advise focusing on the main message, not hiding it between other elements in the banner.
  2. Designed for your target group. It is strongly advised to know exactly what your target group is, what’s new and attractive for them before you start working on the visuals. No wonder why it’s said, that what suits for everything, suits for nothing. That’s why it’s important to discuss general views, messages or your personal preferences again. You should not forget that banner is created not to be attractive for the product owner, but to lure new audience.
  3. Right placement. It’s important to consider where your banner will be shown. If you want to reach all visitors of the website, maybe the best placement then is the first highest position. If you seek to be noticed by users who read and scroll more down the page, maybe you should consider placements on the side. When presenting super offer or a gift – why not trying rich media, which has highest engagement rates?

These insights should encourage you to look at the banner again and think about the audience and the message, which will be sent in the first few second of the encounter with the user.