Increased usage of the mobile Internet

With every step in development of technologies they become more accessible for the consumer. That’s why more and more content is moved to the digital world. News, entertainment, shopping, social interacting – the significant part of these activities prosper on the Internet. Then it’s no surprise why the usage of digital media grows every year.

Recently a comprehensive analysis of the Internet trends was presented (Mary Meeker, 2017), which reveals a steady increase in the usage of mobile devices in USA. Therefore, each year users spend more and more time using mobile Internet.

Once comparing the data from 2011 and 2016, the noticeable difference occurs: earlier the average time spent on the Internet was less than 1 hour, but in 2016 it overcame 3 hours. What’s more important, that usage of the mobile Internet (3.1 h/day) covered bigger part of all time spent on the Internet (5.6 h/day).

The growth of the mobile Internet usage is also noticeable in Lithuania. Comparing the quantity of mobile impressions from the first quarter of 2016 and 2017, number grows 5 times. Trends like that should have the impact on the advertising as well, since the desktop placement as former leader of digital commerce is being pushed aside by the mobile environment. Increased reach of the mobile users and possibly longer encounters are quite attractive traits for the clients as well.

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