Ads.txt: implementation guide

The concise and precise information of what is ads.txt, why it’s needed, how it works, how to create it and where it’s placed.

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Ads.txt: adopt or be blocked

That is the main statement of the open letter to publishers written by Liane Nadeau, director of programmatic at “Publicis” – one of the largest and oldest advertising companies in the world. Although it may seem frightening, it motivates.

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The Advantages of Online Advertising

Banner ads should be considered not only as a means of transferring the visual form of press advertising into digital environment but also as a powerful marketing tool for building brand awareness online…

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What is an attractive banner?

How to get user’s attention in vibrant website full of information? Here are a few insights shared by ad creators and designers which might be useful for your work as well:…

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Increased usage of the mobile Internet

With every step in development of technologies they become more accessible for the consumer. That’s why more and more content is moved to the digital world. News,…

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Customer feedback

We are delighted that Adnet Media has become our long-term and reliable partner, with whom we can consult and seek innovative solutions to effectively monetize the inventory of our portals. The competence and swiftness of the Adnet team allows us to sustainably grow our sales.

Asta Iljasevičiūtė, Executive Director
GM žurnalų leidybos grupė, UAB

The Adnet Media team is reliable and performs all tasks in a timely and high-quality manner. They always provide professional help in choosing the most effective online channels and advertising methods, and also offer innovative solutions that stimulate the highest levels of user engagement. Communication with Adnet Media is easy and smooth. I would recommend them for anyone who wants to get the best results from their online advertising and who is seeking professional long-term cooperation.

Loreta Masevičienė, Marketing and Sales Project Manager
UAB Northway Medicinos Centrai / Northway Group

The Adnet Media company is one of the few that has a highly developed culture of business customer service, focusing on businesses’ needs with specific solutions. Because of their high potential and excellent service, as we gradually grow, we are inclined to increase our spending and the scope of our ongoing campaigns in their channel more than in other channels.

Linas Armalys, Manager
UAB Credital

Flexibility, a variety of advertising opportunities, and the commitment we have received from the personnel at Adnet Media has helped Vilnius Grand Resort increase its brand awareness and attract new customers. It’s a joy to work with partners you can rely on.

Miroslava Kostadinova, General Manager
UAB Villon

Adnet Media is a professional partner for the optimization and maintenance of campaigns from A to Z. They have helped us to segment our customers and have suggested new re-targeting opportunities that are particularly relevant in the medical sector.

Simona Savickienė, Marketing Manager
Lithuanian and German UAB Lirema

Growth, improvement and development are impossible without reliable and competent partners. Adnet Media has been helping us achieve success for ten years now. They are a partner who understands us on a fundamental level.

Ramunė Balodytė
UAB ,,Inspired communications” Inspired UM

Creative, non-standard, and result-oriented proposals led me to choose Adnet Media for the implementation of many projects. Whether it’s the launch of a new product on the market or an image campaign, we’ve always been happy with the results because they have surpassed our expectations.

Valdas Šidla, Marketing Manager
Department of Santa Maria, UAB ,,Paulig Coffee Lietuva”

We have been working with Adnet Media for several years now, and we are very pleased with our work together. We really appreciate the promptness and professionalism of this partner. I can recommend Adnet Media as a trustworthy partner.

Inga Zimaitienė, Online Shopping Manager
UAB ,,Studio Moderna’’

Today, in our busy society, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for us to get anyone’s attention for even a second. We
can rely on Adnet Media to find solutions that will really make the user stop, for at least one (very important) second.

Gintarė Norvaišė, Marketing Manager
UAB "Druskininkų Rasa"